Easter Egg Nest

My kids really enjoyed making nests for their hard boiled eggs this year. This is a simple craft that encourages some outside time and makes easy Easter decorations!

Age: 2 and up, (adult help if using hot glue)


  • Brown paper bag (the small lunch sized ones work best)
  • Collected sticks from your yard or a nature walk
  • Glue (we found a hot glue gun to work best…which means Mommy did the gluing)
  • Hard boiled and dyed eggs OR plastic eggs


    1. Spend some time outdoors as you collect a bag of small branches on the ground. We enjoyed pointing out and talking about all of the new life growing around our yard. Then head inside to assemble the nests.
    2. Show kids how to take the paper bag and scrunch it down into a circle.
    3. Next show them how to layer the sticks in a circle, and try to help them do some layering so they resemble a nest.
    4. Then Mommy gets to glue the sticks into place with the hot glue gun.
    5. Once the glue is dry, let the kids lay an egg or three inside.
    6. Help them find a special place in the house for their lovely Easter decoration!

    About Sarah Lundgren

    child of God. married to my best friend. mommy of 4 treasures. at home with my babies.

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