"Bedtime for Mommy"–in Honor of Mothers

     My dad, (a.k.a. Pappy) presented this book to my kids this weekend, and it just makes me laugh!

  A little girl gets exhausted with all the piddley details of putting her mommy to bed.  Mommy needs to read stories and brush teeth and pick out clothes for tomorrow among many other tasks. Even after mommy’s in bed she pleads for just one more little glass of water.  Then the little girl needs to leave the door ajar just the right amount.  These details all sound rather familiar to us. 

         My kids think this role reversal is SO FUNNY!  I told them all whenever they are up for it, they can feel free to try putting ME to bed!  

         But the truth is…I don’t even know what would I do without the privilege of helping all my little people take their bath and pull on cozy jammies and telling them all kinds of stories and tucking them in just right at the end of the day.  

         So in a way, “Bedtime for Mommy” celebrates the little details that we mommies love doing for our children.  And told in this funny fashion, it will provoke interesting and even hilarious conversation from your kids.  So check it out at the library or order it from amazon and enjoy a good snuggle on the couch with your little ones…and most of all, celebrate the little details of being a mother to your kids!     

About Sarah Lundgren

child of God. married to my best friend. mommy of 4 treasures. at home with my babies.

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  1. Well…maybe they should put Gramma to bed then! Our bedtimes are probably a bit closer…!


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