Easy Cornstarch Crepes

The kids always cheer when I tell them we are eating crepes for breakfast! Don’t worry – these are SUPER easy. And they are made with cornstarch instead of flour (making them gluten-free) – and you can also make them dairy-free! This recipe makes approximately 8-10 crepes.

3 eggs
1 cup milk (or soy milk)
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 Tablespoons melted butter (or dairy-free margarine)
3/4 cup cornstarch
pinch of salt
1 Tablespoons sugar
Optional: a touch of lemon zest
Topping Ideas: Nutella, Peanut Butter, Bananas, Strawberries, Yogurt

In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, vanilla, and melted butter. Slowly add the cornstarch, salt and sugar and whisk while adding. The batter will be a bit lumpy, so keep the whisk nearby and stir often. Heat a large fry pan over medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Pour approximately 1/4 cup batter into the heated pan.

Tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly (See photo). Use a heatproof spatula to scrape the sides of the pan, making sure the crepe is not sticking. Once the batter looks almost cooked (only 2-3 minutes), use the spatula to turn it over and cook the other side (only about 1 minute). Flip crepe onto a plate, spread desired toppings inside the crepe, roll up and enjoy!


About Sarah Lundgren

child of God. married to my best friend. mommy of 4 treasures. at home with my babies.

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  1. I must admit, I don't have kids. I am, however gluten free, and I've actually never had a crepe before. I can assure you, this will soon change. Thanks!


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