A Kid-Friendly Technology Tip: Lego Instructions for the iPod, iPad, or iPhone

If legos are as much of an obsession for your kids as they are for ours, and if you have ever struggled with the proper upkeep and preservation of lego instruction booklets as we have…then you too will appreciate a paperless solution to this problem.

Too quickly around here those flimsy instruction books get crumpled, torn, shredded, and eaten. Occasionally even in our clearly labeled and organized house where all things have their own special place (ha!)…they go missing. I have spent a good bit of time taping instruction booklet shreds back together and scavenging underneath furniture and in dusty nooks and crannies for lost booklets…just so my 4-year-old could see the layout for building his cement mixer truck.

Now we have a new and better method for locating these precious instructions:

the iPod!

Here’s how to use lego instructions on an iPod, iPad, or iPhone:

  1. Go to the lego site, type in the 4-digit code on the box for each specific set and download the pdf document. (If your instructions and box are completely lost, look for the picture of your lego set on amazon and find the 4-digit code there.) 
  2. From itunes, select “file”, then “add to library”. Navigate to where you saved your pdf document. 
  3. Next sync your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. The lego pdf document will be found under the “iBooks” application.  And there ya have it.  Perhaps these instructions are insulting to the i-saavy, but to the i-dummies such as myself they are very necessary.
Give this little man an iPod, and he is focused and intent on conquering a lego challenge. He’s definitely passed up his mama with this little piece of technology…though that’s not sayin’ much. My husband first showed him the necessary iPod ropes. Really my 5-year old is pretty iPod savvy too, but my 4-year-old little man has seriously bonded with this gadget.

He knows exactly which icon hold his precious instructions. He touches it. He selects the instruction set he needs. He skims through the pages with dexterity finding the exact step where he is at. He scrolls back and forth from the list of lego pieces. And he maximizes or minimizes the picture by spreading his two fingers apart or bringing them back together.

I watch him dominate this tiny contraption, and I throw up my hands in wonder.

No longer will I waste precious minutes puzzling together the torn and dilapidated pieces of lego instructions. This is the age of the touch screen my friends. Teach your child to tie her shoes and she will run without tripping. Give your child an iPod, and he will not only teach YOU how to use it, but will also build you a lego city! 🙂

My son tells me next on his agenda is his fireboat.  And he needs the iPod.  Better go find that charger. 🙂


About Sarah Lundgren

child of God. married to my best friend. mommy of 4 treasures. at home with my babies.

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  1. All I can say is, if momma says a 4-year is way out ahead of her, what can gramma say?

  2. lego disorganization makes me just a bit craaazy… thanks for this tip! 🙂

  3. Gloria Russell

    Love this! We don't have legos yet, but this is a great idea!


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