Door Hangs

I started taking care of my nephew this spring, so I have 5 kids on weekdays. Sometimes 2 or 3 kids are napping and the older kids can’t always remember to stay out of those rooms. So, we made cute door hangs to remind us when someone is alseep! Kids could also make these as nametags for their rooms.

Age: 3 and up
  • scissors
  • multicolored foam sheets (found at your local craft store)
  • glue
  • black permanent marker (kids markers will just rub off onto your hands)

  • Cut out a rectangle for the door hang (approximately 3 1/2″ by 8″)
  • Cut out a circle for the door handle (depending on your door knob size)
  • Write something on each side – my kids thought of a frog/tadpole theme
  • Decorate with more foam shapes; glue each piece in place

About Sarah Lundgren

child of God. married to my best friend. mommy of 4 treasures. at home with my babies.

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