Clothespin Art Display Board

Displaying kids’ work is a great way to encourage them to be proud of their creations.  We always have art projects and other important items (like a preschool diploma) to display, but we run out of fridge space and magnets pretty quickly.  I’ve been trying to find a kid-friendly solution for this problem for a while.  I thought about a bulletin board, but we don’t want to deal with tacs.  I priced magnetic white boards, but that would have been $200 for 4 big ones.  Plus the magnets would get lost and scattered.  Then I saw big wooden clothespins in the dollar section at Target and had this idea for a fun and cheaper solution.  I plan to make more of these in my kids’ rooms too.

What you need:
clothespins (smaller size will work fine)
glossy acrylic paint
wide flat stiffer bristle brush
long painted board, cut to fit your space
extra long drywall screws
1” screws
power drill


How it’s done:
  1. First I disassembled the clothespins by carefully pulling off the metal spring part.  I then painted the clothespins halves with glossy acrylic paint using a wide flat stiffer bristle brush.  I used the color coding method so each of my kids knows where to hang his or her work.   
  2. Next I got my handy husband to contribute a board scrap from his collection in the garage.  Fortunately, this one was already painted.  After we decided the right height that would allow our kids to hang their art themselves, he drilled pilot holes in the board about 12” apart.  Then he screwed the board to the wall with the extra long drywall screws. (My husband has serious skills with the power drill, so I leave that part to him.)
  3. Next he screwed the disassembled clothespin halves into the board with 1” screws, covering the long drywall screw head already placed in the board.
  4. After I reassembled the clothespins with the metal springs and other wooden halves on the board, the kids proudly hung up their recent artwork.


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    child of God. married to my best friend. mommy of 4 treasures. at home with my babies.

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